Coy Fish

I’ve always been fascinated by mystical beings, ones you hear of in stories as a child. I remember playing in my mind little tales of meeting such creatures and all the possible adventures of love and heroism I could have. It was a safe world in which I could fly, breathe in water and jump as high as I wanted.

This is a tribute to my 7 year old self, with a touch of my 21 year old self. My image of a mermaid now has no tail, no long endless hair that glistens in the sun whilst she basks on rocks. Rather it is one, of a mysterious, demure woman that exudes the flow and graceful beauty of a fish, a koi fish. A koi fish, because it is known to be symbolic of strength, perseverance and courage in Japanese folk. Orientalism with a personal touch would best describe the form of this sketch.

This is a reminder to me to not give up on the stories that sparked my imagination of tall tales and wild beasts. And although their forms may change, it is oxygen to keep in touch with the naivety of surrealism that began as a child.


10.5×10.5 in

Medium: Pencil colors and ball pens on paper.