A hope to hold on to

And sometimes all the endless cycles of infinity in the world reach a finite point.If you find that point, humbly ask it for clarity. Let it open your mind, body and soul and when it does be conscious. Hold on to it, embrace it, breath it in, eat it up and never spit it out. No matter how the world around you may see it and no matter how derailed reason makes you feel. Do not doubt. Let it fester and torture. Let it grow and feed at the depths of your being. In the end you will not only see the universe for what it is, but what it can be and will be. In that world, make your peace and give away that hope to someone who seeks it.

Inspired by the Hokusai’s block print of The Great Wave, I have modified and adapted “The Great Wave” into this sketch. Plainly because it is a beautiful piece of art that I found meaning.

10.5x 14 in

Medium: pencil water color, ball pen and acrylic paint on paper