lines of  inevitable definition.

We have been taught to categorize and define, since the first day we started to make sense of the world. Right and wrong, , gay or straight, red, green,black and white,  ground and sky.Our mind is constantly trying to understand the world around us, put things into little boxes with tags and we fear things that we fail to categorize.  This picture does not depict ones battle against breaking these rules of understanding, rather knowing when these lines are true and false, when these lines bind and set free and how to not let fear cause one to be ignorant and hateful. Especially today, with the world we live in, these lines of definition are constantly changing and rearranging. If one allows their mind to be open to these shifts it would bring in a greater form of empathy and understanding of things greater than them selves.


21.5 x 14.5 in

medium: Ball pen, pencil water colors, Acrylic paint on paper