In this series I’ve arranged natural material such as flowers, dried pomegranate peels, and egg shells along with a live painted subject, whom then I photographed

Drawing inspiration from the Buddhist form of Sand mandala art and the myth of Persephone. This form of expression is an attempt to understand what transition and permanence means to me and what these ideas could elicit in my creativity.

I’ve named the series Carbon, after the element Carbon (6C), as it is the fundamental component of all life form on earth. In this, I have brought different substances at varying stages of decay to imply the commonality in all life form, including man.

Medium: Acrylic, flowers, pomegranate peels, human model

Only 10 limited edition Prints available in sizes:

LL : A1 ( 24′ X 25′)

L: A2 ( 23′ X 24′)

M: A3 ( 12′ X 13′)

S: A4 ( 8′ X 9′)

If you have a specific requests, i.e want a bigger print than LL, do let me know and I will try and accommodate you.

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